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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Looking and Learning

Right now there are a few things going on.

Looking for a local shop that would like to sell my crocheted items. I can do amigurumi (and am stocking up on miniatures to sell at some point), or commissions, whatever the shop is missing, I can make! I've already got permission from some of my very favorite amigurumi designers to use their designs to make things to sell! So excited! If anybody knows of a shop that would be willing to take my items, let me know. Everything comes with a tag that lists materials, gives credit to the designer, and has links to my sites so every customer will know their purchase benefits a good cause.

Also currently learning to knit. Off to a rough start (especially my fingertips!) First amigurumi is in progress though, and the first piece actually came out looking ... pretty normal. Think I need better needles though and I definitely need some double pointed ones. Knitting needs fancier tools than crochet, it seems. And sturdy hands, which... I do not yet have. Determination will not fail me though!

Thinking about signing up to teach a crochet class locally, it would give me a small amount of money to get knitting tools with. These little knitted animals must be added to my donation list, they're so soft and cute!

Hope you are all well, please don't forget to post about your crafts on the Crafts for a Cause page. Everyone seems to be shy so far ^_^ I would love to get to know everyone better!

I'll post again soon. Have a great rest of the week!


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