My health is preventing me from working at the moment, so I'd like to use my time to help sick kids feel better, not with pills, but with crochet. Follow my journey on my blog ~

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Prickly Progress

Well, the rash hasn't let up since the hooks were coated in polish, and it has spread to the insides of my fingers now.  Must be an additive in the yarn as well.  I've pushed ahead and I now have a hippo, a lion, and a pig finished, and I'm working on a giraffe.  Finally ordered the pellets for stability, and am hoping the craft gloves get here soon.  I can't stop stitching!! I think I'll try to make about thirty for my initial donation... so many cute designs to choose from! I've got supplies galore and it should last me awhile.  Send good vibes for my incoming packages...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

With a little polish...

Turns out it was the hook causing my skin reaction, instead of the yarn.  Called the man of the house at work and asked him to bring home some clear nail polish to coat the hooks (hope it works).  He asks where he would obtain such an item.  Sigh.  When he got home, he told me that next to the nail polish he saw something called "top coat" and asked whether he needed that, too.  I told him he's never going to be beautiful if he doesn't know these things.  He says that's just fine with him.  It's true, he's the sort that can wear pink and still look masculine.  :) 

So with my crochet hooks coated, I ordered a fairly inexpensive set with bamboo handles online.  I don't know if they'll be any good, but nail polish chips and wears off.  I also ordered some crochet gloves, so hopefully one or the other will solve this problem.  I'm usually the type to shrug it off and keep going, but it's getting pretty painful.  I'm going to have to take a break for a few days, I think.  Hopefully my reinforcements arrive soon so I can give my partial hippo the feet he deserves!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The yarn bites back!

Apparently there's something in this new brand of yarn that I'm allergic to! I'm going to have to find a way to rinse out the yarn before I keep going on my little lion project.  Back to the old stuff until my hand heals, and it'll slow me down a little.  Just as well I suppose, since the lighting in my apartment is absolutely terrible, I'll probably try to find a good spot outside to take photos, or take them to a friend's house. 

I think the pig and the lion need a monkey to hang out with :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A sad development

I was partway through making a pig when I went to get some lunch, and noticed my guinea pigs needed more water.  When I took the water bottle off the cage, Charlie didn't come to greet me... turns out he passed away.  The little pigs are old now, so I knew it would happen, but they've been with me a long time, and Charlie will be missed.  My mom is taking my son to an appointment today, so he doesn't know yet.  Both my son and the remaining guinea pig will need extra love for the next few days, I might not be around very much.  To all of you who have little pets, give them an extra hug for me.

Good to go!

I had been working on a baby blanket for a friend of mine, waiting for approval from the hospital (in case they had guidelines or restrictions).  I thought it would take at least a few days to hear back from them, but surprisingly, I got an e-mail this morning saying that they would love my donations, and they can even donate them to the department where I was seen when I was young.  And they'll take as many as I can turn out -- I anticipate cramped hands for the next few days while I adjust!  I've also gotten approval from many designers to photograph the dolls I make from their designs.  I'm looking forward to posting pictures, and I'm glad I don't have to create my own to do so... I have a feeling they'd come out a little sad looking.  :)  Buttons were on sale at the craft store, too, so I've got lots of eyes, noses and accents, and a whole truckload of yarn colors... I think it's safe to say, I'm ready.

(Brandishes hook)

Yarn, meet your shaper.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Patterns Needed!

I want to make sure I don't use designs for this project without permission (at least, by posting photos here of the items I'll be donating.) If you have patterns of your own that you would like to allow me to use, please let me know! The more variety, the better. Anything you allow me to use will be fully credited (none of this is for profit.)  I want to have plenty of designs on hand that will be suitable for boys and girls of various age ranges, and some that are baby safe would be nice.  Feel free to post suggestions via comment, or you can link to my Google+ profile and send me an email.

I've emailed the hospital that oversaw my treatment, as I would like to look into donating to them first. If they have further guidelines, I will post them here as soon as I have the information.

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive thus far. I know this is a brand new project but it is already off to a great start! :)

It Begins with a Stitch

 Some of my earliest memories involve hospitals.  Born with a rare birth defect, I've had a lot of experience with them, from endless trips to the ER until I was diagnosed, to two major surgeries at age four, and then follow-up testing afterwards to make sure the problem had been resolved -- tests which were painful, invasive, and frightening.  One time, when I went in for (yet another) round of tests, a technician gave me a doll that had been hand-made and donated to the hospital to comfort children like me.  I still have the doll, and the memory of how much better it made me feel.  I don't know who made it, but I've always been grateful.

Recently I've been learning how to do amigurumi.  I always loved crafts, and have been doing cross stitch, crochet, and jewelry making for many years.  What I would really like to do is make some creatures to comfort those who were, as I was, desperately in need of some.  I've created this blog to document my journey and in the hope that others will join me along the way.  I would like to think that this project will someday be bigger than I am; even if that doesn't pan out, I'm determined to add a little bit of happiness to what can be a dark and lonely place.