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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A break for a birthday

I've been working away at making presents for my son's birthday.  I got some cuddly gray wool yarn to make a mama and baby koala, as seen in Ana Paula Rimoli's Amigurumi Toy Box (Martingale & Company, 2011).  Definitely one of my favorite books to work from so far, and my son has often expressed interest in the playful designs.  I've decided to make a little party in a box for him, a few little creatures around a tiny table with an amigurumi cake and a few little presents for the animals -- hats, scarves, maybe a little teddy bear if I can manage it with craft thread.  Last year I was having a medical procedure and couldn't make it to his birthday party, I'd like to make sure his birthday is extra special.  I'll be back to my donation projects as soon as I'm done with his little toy house, which shouldn't be very long... I can't believe he will be seven in just a few days.  Kids grow up too fast!


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