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Friday, March 8, 2013

Of Ounces and Yards

Whew, been a long week.  The weather had me down with headaches.  I've been pushing ahead with my moose, regardless... the gloves do seem to help with the rash, as do my new crochet hooks (it hasn't gotten worse even when the gloves get too warm to wear them).  I'm sort of surprised at how fast the yarn goes -- and I'm at the end of my first bag of Poly-Fil already.  Not everything turned out quite right, but I have a few donations ready, and all that's left of the moose is sewing his horns together and making his arms and legs.  Haven't decided what to do for my next one yet, so many good options... this moose is larger than most, so I'll probably do a few small ones before tackling something so large again!  At least he didn't turn out cross-eyed, like my poor panda bear did.  I'm learning the value of clear directions and specific materials lists!

 I do hope this weather stops bothering me soon, I would like to be able to make faster progress.  I acknowledge my limitations, but often have trouble accepting them.  Anyhow, I think it's about time for breakfast, then to get this poor moose together :)


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