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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday

We celebrated my son's 7th birthday this evening.  He was very excited about his special dinner, his cards, and of course, his lemon meringue pie (he inherited his favorite dessert from me).  My mom did the gluten free cooking, and tried to make sure the house didn't burn down as the candles got lit.  It was nice to have everyone together.  He absolutely loved the little animals in the box-house.  I had the man with the camera take photos before I gave it to him so I could post them :)

Credits go to Ana Paula Rimoli, mostly, for designing the koalas, the cake, and the fish (I had to make minor changes because I decreased the sizes, emphasis on tiny cake, cough, hand cramp, cough), from her book Amigurumi Toy Box, and Annie Obaachan's Super Cute Crochet for the penguin.

 Animal House

The koalas are made of wool yarn, trying out new materials :) they're so soft! The cake is made of lace weight viscose (from bamboo) -- closest I could get to eucalyptus! Penguin and fish are acrylic, except for the craft thread I used for the penguin's mouth and feet (which are cotton.)


 The penguin has a fish... I don't think he'll have to share.

(omnomnomnom all for meeeee)


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