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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tera Online Guild Project

Since so many of my guild members on Tera Online are creatively inclined, and since I am terrible at drawing, I decided to make each of my guild members' favorite animals, photograph them together, and then send them to their respective owners.  Anyone not comfortable giving an address (or too young, etc) will have their animal added to my donations, and those that receive an animal by mail will have a duplicate made and donated as well. :) Some of the patterns aren't ideal for donation, they might have small parts etc, and in that case I'll make a more suitable version of the same animal.  One for a friend, one for a stranger.

I've already finished my first animal (an alligator) and its duplicate -- beginning work on the second.

Found a pattern on Ravelry that I'll use to make a scarf for my very favorite brother :) he's too far away for me to give him a hug, so a scarf will have to do.

Multi-tasking is necessary for my scatterbrain lately.  Sorting, packing, cleaning, stitching.  Such is life!


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