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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A few of my friends

Thought I'd snap a picture, bad lighting aside.  I've always loved stuffed animals, and I've kept collecting them over the years... I always think I'll stop, but they're just so sweet, and very comforting when I'm not well.  I've been curled up with them today.  I'll be on my own until Sunday, so they'll be keeping me company here.  
This puppy must have his place too, since he was brought from Switzerland last year, on the same business trip that calls away our fine breadwinner for the next few days.

I meant to sneak a little friend into his suitcase before he left, but got distracted and forgot.  And, to be fair, he didn't take a suitcase this time.  Carry on luggage only.  Less room for friends, how sad.

 And here are my little birds, always singing happily (when they're not squabbling... Calypso gets a little bit persistent sometimes, and Calliope will only put up with it for so long.)  They sing along with me when I sing to them, and they have their own favorite shows on Netflix (based around which ones have the best theme songs, of course).  I wish I could get better videos of them and their antics, they're so adorable.

 Calypso is here to the left, and Calliope is on the right in the picture above, and that's her squinting down below.  She's wary of the camera and everything that moves... she kept scrambling, so this was the best picture I could get.

These are my two darling guinea pigs, poor Charlie is no longer with us (the multicolored furry guy there).  Nelly is still going strong, even though he's starting to show his age, poor guy.  Not sure exactly how old they were when I adopted them, but they definitely qualify as "elderly."  Bit sad that Nelly is alone now, but the birds sing to him sometimes. Nelly is a lot more quiet than Charlie.  Together, I called them the "alarm pigs," because whenever anything was going on outside they'd start peeping madly.  Nelly only peeps when I come to visit him, or when the birds talk to him.  I'm sure he misses Charlie. :( we all do.

And here is my parents' dog, Pippin, making her derp face (best picture I have).  She's a husky mix, getting into her elder years.  Silly old thing but we love her.

And now I'm back to my handiwork ~


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