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Monday, April 1, 2013

To the beach and back again

We had a great time with our little weekend trip, since my son has been asking to go somewhere we decided to include it as a birthday present.  He's not hard to please trip-wise, and thankfully we managed to find a place to get gluten free pancakes, so all was well.  I'm a bit worn out, but it was well worth it.  He seems to be going through a sort of insecure phase right now, so spending extra time together was good. 

I'm nearly finished with a monkey for donation, and finally broke down and got a yarn swift to help me wind up these twists that sometimes give me trouble with knots.  Thankfully, my better half has a talent with such things, I like to say it's because he was a boy scout, but it's really because he flies kites (he started teaching my son while we were at the beach).  I don't mind winding the yarn by hand, especially the recycled sari silk, since it balls up so nicely.  The colors are so nice, too, I kind of enjoy exploring the different handiwork, colors and textures before they get hidden under layers. 

So much to do, so much bad weather to make me sleep -- but push on we must!  I was at least a little bit productive today.  My son's school project is to make an invention, and he decided to make an insect habitat.  I made him a fuzzy recycled silk caterpillar to use in his model.  Boys and their bugs.  The sari silk was perfect for the purpose though.  The more I work with it the easier it gets to make it do what I want it to (sometimes, hah). 

Just about time for me to get him ready for bed.  Hope everybody had a good holiday weekend!


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