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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Modest Improvement

I'm still pretty wiped out, but the zap-zapping in my brain seems to have decreased.  I'm hoping that the tension in my hands will be better today so I can do some more crochet.  I'm almost finished with the monkey I started (what feels like) forever ago, but when my brain goes buggy my fine motor skills go out the window.  Forget holding a hook or keeping even tension or even slipping the loops off the hook properly.  And my son wants some more silk caterpillars for his bug house... they're dead simple.  Frustrating when I can't even do basic things.  But my stuffed animal friends have gotten lots of hugs, and I've gotten some rest.  Perhaps I'll be more on track after another nap.  The poor monkey still only has one arm, seems a sad state to be left in.


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