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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tutorial: Finishing Amigurumi

I thought I'd share this with you guys, since I've figured it out recently myself.

I've always been a little nervous about my sewn on pieces coming loose somehow, even though they do feel tight when I pull on them.  I know some of my toys will go to children who will PLAY with them, and that kind of wear... well, I don't trust a simple "tuck the end in."  So I've devised this technique to more securely attach limbs, ears, etc.  This does require more than one "tail end" of an attached piece, but fortunately most pieces I've made do require more than one!

I hope this helps some of you.

Sew the pieces on securely.  Using your crochet hook, pull the tail end of both pieces through a single hole "across" from where the pieces are sewn.  Keep in mind that depending on how tightly you tie your knot, this may pull the two attached pieces toward each other slightly.  Note in my photo that I pulled the tails from the ears through the bottom of the neck.

 Tie a double knot snugly against the surface of the project (but not so tightly that it distorts the piece).  This will ensure that your stitches don't come loose, as well as making sure the tail ends of the yarn don't "pop out."
 Put your crochet hook through the piece, and wrap the tail ends of the yarn around the hook.  Carefully pull the knot underneath the surface, and "wriggle" the loop so that the knot gets embedded under the fiberfill (more important in pieces with larger gaps).  Cut the tail ends short, and continue to pull through until the ends disappear inside the body.

This is what the end result looks like -- no knot is visible!  If there is a small stretch in the hole you tied the knot in, it will even out if you rub the area gently with your finger.


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