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Friday, April 19, 2013

All but the tail

The frog is all done, and I managed to make the monkey arms and legs that match.  When I wake up, I'll just have to do the tail and stitch them to the rest of the body.  I've been watching Keeping Up Appearances and I work, picking up tips that I can implement when my world traveler gets home, for being a hostess and such when we have our house, ways to alienate neighbors... I'm not sure I could get my voice to be so grating, but I'll give it a go. 

Just two more days and then hopefully we can get this house hunt under way.  My son isn't too happy about having to move, but I hope he will feel better about it in time.  I'm not especially looking forward to the process myself, but it'll be better in the long run. 

Hmm, will also need an elephant in this animal mix of mine... I love it when I finish up the projects I'm working on, means I get to go dig through all my patterns and choose new ones to start on. Really tempted to mess around with some more wool yarn, it was so much fun making those koala bears.  They're a bit harder to shape, but for rounder creatures that's not a problem, and the end products are so squishable! 

Also must remember to get a hole punch and make a mini page on my blog for care instructions... I have some business cards with the URL and my e-mail in case of problems/questions, and I'll be writing the materials & any notes on the back.  My plan is to keep a careful log of all the animals I donate so I can give each one a number... then if an arm or leg falls off or they need a replacement, I'll know exactly what yarn I used and can make a (close) replica.  They don't fall apart easily, so if they do need fixing, it'll mean they're loved... and that's a good thing.  I'd certainly replace or repair them if needed! :) 

And now, I am tired, so off to bed I go.

Happy Friday!


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